The Problem

Tooth decay is the most common chronic illness known to man.  Five times more likely than asthma and seven times more likely than hay fever.  The American Pediatric Dental Association calls tooth decay an epidemic. 

The Impact

Tooth decay propels the cycle of poverty in low income and rural communities. 3 out of 5 kids covered by Medicaid/CHIP have tooth decay which left untreated may lead to other illness and a lifetime of expenses for maintenance.  Unfortunately 18 Million kids out of the 43 million covered by CHIP didn't see a dentist in 2014.

The Opportunity

According to the CDC for every $1 spent in oral health prevention, $50 is saved in treatment. 

The ADA believes that ‚Äúsimple low cost measures, educating families about taking charge of their own oral health, and early screening, diagnosis and treatment will pay for themselves many times over.

The Solution

We enable teledentistry on your phone.