Cost Savings

Studies have shown that fully allocated expenses are $89 in your practice for every patient you see regardless of procedure. By incorporating Teledentistry in your practice you can free your chair for procedures that are billed. You’ll also save your patient time and money in transportation costs and parking. If you’re delivering unlimited followup appointments, you need Teledentistry in your practice.

New Patients

According to studies Millennials are the lowest revenue segment in your Dental Practice. By having your own Teledentistry solution it’s easy to run social media campaigns that will attract new patients to your office with a unique offer. Patients can download the app and upload their pics for your review before you’ve even met. Word of mouth remains the strongest advertising campaign. Your patients will share with their friends your state of the art Teledentistry app.

Patient Moat

We’ve seen it in other industries, the first app on the patients phone wins. Major brands (Sonicare/Phillips) have announced Teledentistry applications that are now going live in Europe. They want to target your patients and introduce them to their dental network. If you’re patients already have a Teledentistry app, they won’t bother downloading another one.