For best results you’ll need a mirror that’s well lighted. (Your bathroom should work well)


Login to the Plaque Detector Application and select new scan.


Turn the face of the phone towards the mirror, you’ll be pointing the outer camera at your teeth. For best results the camera should be approximately 3 1/2” from your mouth.


Start with your front teeth, smile wide. To take the photo just touch the screen. You’ll need some practice holding still at first, if the pic is too blurry just delete and try again.


Select New Scan again and take a pic of the upper teeth. When positioned just touch the screen.


Finally take a picture of your lower teeth. Touch the screen when positioned.

All of your pics are stored under your Past Scans tab, they do not appear in your camera roll or gallery on your phone.

Done, your dental professional will be able to access your pics in their secure portal.